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Steam Deck Reaches New Milestone with Over 7,000 Compatible Games

FTT Galaxy

2 Jan 2023

Steam Deck has reached a new milestone with over 7,000 games now available for play

Steam Deck, the linux-based gaming platform developed by Valve Corporation, has reached a new milestone with over 7,000 games now available for play. According to the SteamDB database, this includes 4,419 "playable games" and 2,709 "verified games".

While Steam has long been a popular destination for PC gamers, the Steam Deck offers a unique experience as it operates on the SteamOS platform rather than Windows or Android. With a growing library of over 7,000 games, the Steam Deck is a formidable console choice for gamers.

While the SteamDB database has labeled 4,419 games as "playable" and 2,709 games as "verified", there are likely more games in the Steam library that are compatible with the Steam Deck and its linux-based SteamOS platform. It's worth noting that not all games in the Steam library have been tested for compatibility with the Steam Deck, so there may be even more games that can be played on the console.

It's clear that Valve is dedicated to expanding the compatibility of the Steam Deck and making as many games as possible available for play on the console. This is good news for gamers as it means a wider selection of titles to choose from when playing on the Steam Deck.

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