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Weilai's new smart electric flagship SUV ES8 released

FTT Galaxy

24 Dec 2022

Weilai officially released the new ES8 smart electric flagship SUV today

Weilai officially released the new ES8 smart electric flagship SUV today. The price of the 75 kWh version starts from 528,000 yuan, and the price of the 100 kWh version starts from 586,000 yuan.

According to the official introduction, the new ES8 integrates a calm appearance, powerful performance, intelligent driving, high-end space, comfortable seats, and an immersive experience. There are two six-seat layouts, and it is positioned as one that can meet the whole scenes of work, family, and social interaction. Smart electric flagship SUV in demand.

The flagship design of the NIO SUV family incorporates autonomous driving perception hardware. The new ES8 has a length of 5,099mm and a wheelbase of 3,070mm. The body posture is more relaxed; the characteristic line of the front is connected with the stretched window line, making the body more slender; the characteristics of the shoulder line are fuller and more powerful, making the transition between the side and the rear more natural.

Intelligent multi-beam headlights + lidar, intelligent multi-beam headlights, integrating multiple micron-level high-brightness LEDs, each of which can be controlled individually; relying on lidar to actively transmit and receive detection signals to vehicle targets to achieve more accurate detection Beam distribution; not affected by external ambient light, ensuring vision and safety when driving at night.

The official said that the new ES8 combines more than 60 aerodynamic optimizations of the whole car, and the drag coefficient of the whole car is as low as 0.250.

The new ES8 has a panoramic sunroof with a lighting area of ​​up to 1㎡, 360-degree silent technology, and an intelligent five-zone independent air-conditioning system. Two seating layouts are available to meet the needs of work, family, and social scenarios. Under the layout of the administrative center island, there is wireless fast charging for multiple mobile phones on the upper floor, and open storage on the lower floor; it is also optional to install a car refrigerator for cooling in summer and heat preservation in winter. The layout of the central aisle, the spacious central aisle makes the space more flexible, with integrated armrests, fully covered with leather, making the ride more comfortable.

The car is equipped with Weilai intelligent system Banyan, which has comprehensively improved AI computing power, graphics processing, multimedia processing, and other capabilities. The car is equipped with a 12.8-inch AMOLED central control screen with a resolution of up to 1,728*1,888, an ultra-high contrast ratio of 100,000:1, 100% NTSC full-color gamut, and a new 16.3-inch HUD.

Performance: The car has a cruising range of up to 900km under CLTC conditions, an acceleration time of 4.1 seconds per 100 kilometers, and a shortest braking time of 34.3m per 100 kilometers.

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