11 new games coming to Xbox in the coming days

The Xbox team has traditionally prepared a list of games that will appear on Microsoft consoles this week.

The past days have been hot for Xbox owners. Two interesting games have been added to Game Pass - the civilian flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator and the isometric action movie with role-playing elements The Ascent.

The current week will be less busy and more budget games will appear. 11 projects will fall on the virtual shelves.

Deadly Days - August 3

Castle of Pixel Skulls DX - August 4th

Enter Digiton: Heart of Corruption - August 4

Orbals - August 4

Solos - August 4

IIN - August 5

Animus: Revenant - August 6

Armed Emeth - August 6

Bone Marrow Console Edition - August 6

Goroons - August 6

No Thing - August 6

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