143 out of 144 are unknown and U.S. report raises questions about UFOs

Although the U.S. intelligence agency has released an unidentified flying object (UFO) report, it is evaluated that it has raised questions about the existence of aliens rather than solving the curiosity.

According to foreign media such as The Hill and NPR, the US media on the 27th (local time), the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) analyzed 144 unidentified aircraft observed from military aircraft from 2004 to this year on the 25th (local time). gave the results.

U.S. authorities have used the term 'unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) instead of the term UFO.

However, he took the position that there was not enough data to categorize the 143 UAPs into any one category, except for one, which was found to be a large deflating balloon.

The authorities divided UAP into five categories:

  • Aerial interference that obstructs radar targets like a flock of birds

  • Atmospheric phenomenon

  • U.S. government development programs

  • Foreign hostile forces systems

  • Others. that it didn't

Among them, the category that can be considered to be related to UFOs is classified as 'Other', but the explanation of the US authorities alone is insufficient to resolve the curiosity.

The part that the authorities indicated as a system of foreign hostile forces is also of interest. This is because it may be aimed at China and Russia.

Hill, a political media outlet, mentioned that China and Russia are considered to be ahead of the United States in hypersonic military technology, and it is possible that UAP is a phenomenon related to new technologies developed by these countries.

The Hill also noted that the report assessed UAPs as demonstrating state-of-the-art technology, including instances of stationary or moving in the wind without any detectable propulsion means, sudden maneuvers, and movement at significant speeds.

However, the report noted that there was insufficient information to determine whether these UAPs were part of a foreign intelligence-gathering program or were a sign of major technological advances by potential adversaries.

This report drew a lot of attention from the public even before the release of the UAP that the US government analyzed so far.

Former President Donald Trump signed legislation in December last year requiring the DNI to prepare and deliver UAP reports to Congress within 180 days, and this report is the result.

According to NPR, speculation surrounding UFOs and government involvement in the United States began in 1947.

UFO proponents believe that the US Air Force captured the alien spacecraft and its occupants at Roswell, New Mexico that year, with some still traveling to Roswell.

However, NPR explained that this speculation stemmed from the fact that a large hot-air balloon built by the US Air Force to spy on the Soviet nuclear weapons program as part of the 'Mogul Project' at the time crashed during a test flight and the authorities hid it, NPR explained.

Separately, the US government started investigating UFOs in 1947 through its own program called the 'Blue Book Project'.

The survey, which lasted 22 years until 1969, yielded 12,618 sightings, with about 700 remaining unconfirmed.

"The long-awaited report does not give any credence to the idea that aliens have visited Earth, but the idea will remain in the minds of many Americans," Axios said. pointed out

The Hill also said that the report did not explain most of the UFO events, sparking more questions and speculation, and raised the need for more research on UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

Consciously aware of this, a US official cited investment in ongoing research and said that more data would improve the agency's ability to detect trends.

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