17 best games with optimized touch controls from Xbox Cloud Gaming


Microsoft never launched a portable Xbox, but thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming it doesn't need it either. The cloud game alternative allows us to play or continue games from iOS and Android. And, although it costs very little to associate any control with our mobile, it must be recognized that Xbox has known how to shine when implementing touch controls.

There are currently more than 70 games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog with optimized touch controls, and that means that we will not only see an interface fully adapted to the needs of each game but also the possibility of customizing its arrangement on the screen with a simple gesture.

Logically, the response of the Xbox Cloud Gaming game depends on our connection quality, and it is worth remembering that Microsoft's cloud game is in the testing phase on both mobile phones and browsers. Of course, the gradual implementation of Xbox Series X technology will boost the gaming experience.

That said, and in optimal conditions, continuing to play Minecraft Dungeons, Octopath Traveler, Telltale's adventure games, or the always welcome Sea of ​​Thieves and What Remains of Edith Finch on mobile and wherever we want is a true delight. And let the door open to playing Dirt 5, Dragon Quest XI, or Gears 5 a luxury.

And despite the fact that in most of them we can adjust or reverse the control schemes, and even make use of gyroscopes, we start from the double premise that the use of touch screens is a viable alternative to other options when it comes to playing on mobile phones and that there are games that feel better with extra precision.

Because of this reason, Follow This Trending Game has selected the best games to play with optimized touch controls from Xbox Cloud Gaming. The ones that offer the best options when playing games and those that are most enjoyed on mobile phones, even if you don't have a controller to connect. Definitively establishing that the one who gets bored is basically because he wants to.

Our method? For the occasion, we have tested and taken photos of more than 50 of the games included in Xbox Cloud Gaming from iOS. In some cases, we have used a 5G network, and in others, we have played over Wi-Fi. there are very specific games that despite being terribly fun and interesting, such as Banjo-Kazooie or Narita Boy, are much more enjoyable with a controller. That said, our priority here is to recommend the ones that have been adapted the most and best to touchscreens.

Because the Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which includes Xbox Cloud Gaming, pays for itself, and the way Microsoft is breaking down any barrier to bring its sweet catalog of games to everyone, even those without consoles or PCs Not only is it a master move: it is a genius.

Without further ado, here are the 17 best games with optimized touch controls from Xbox Cloud Gaming.

New Super Lucky's Tale

The hilarious platform proposal of New Super Lucky's Tale is not only one of the games for all audiences and ages that best suits the Game Pass, but it also adapts wonderfully to the touch system with buttons designed to help the youngest players of all ages. the house in the adventures.

Of course, Lucky's second adventure is not a game just for children and it is a hilarious 3D platform proposal that takes up the baton of the classics of N64 and the first Playstation, offering the player modern and absolutely timeless visuals.

Minecraft Dungeons

There is reason to believe that the cloud and mobile version of Minecraft Dungeons were developed in parallel to the rest of the editions: the dedicated buttons, their on-screen layout, and how well the experience accommodates touchscreens speak for themselves.

While Minecraft is one of the most notable absences from Xbox cloud gaming, its role-playing alternative will put our battery life in serious trouble. Above all, when it will no longer be necessary to have a console or PC to join the adventures of our friends.

Call of the sea

The Call of the Sea puzzle adventure was one of the first surprises in the Xbox Series X / S catalog, and although it is no longer a Microsoft exclusive, its availability on Xbox Cloud Gaming and the ability to continue games on Mobile phones are more than an additional claim: they give the game added value.

Because more or less the same thing has happened to everyone who has played: a challenge that resists or a clue that escapes them. And thanks to the saving in the cloud, we will not only be able to review our notes and advance a little beyond our PC or console to corroborate our theory and, if the flute sounds, dare with the next puzzle.

The Touryst

The Touryst is one of the best games to enjoy in summer, and with cloud play, you can also carry it in your pocket when you are traveling. Be careful with going through the arcades of the islands: a vice within another vice.

This time the interface has not received too many changes or an original layout, but the gaming experience does not require it either. Ahead, adventures and voxed platforms with a casual touch that invites you to get lost and explore. Especially in portable mode.

Killer Instinct: Definitive Edition

In the case of Killer Instinct, we must make a very important note, unlike most games that you will see in the list, you will need a good connection yes or yes. It is not that it is totally unplayable in any other way, but the change is noticeable.

For the occasion, Xbox Cloud Gaming has developed a classic six-button layout reminiscent of arcade sticks, a directional crosshead, the three punch-up buttons, and the three kick-down buttons. Of course, as in all the games that you will see here, you can also change them to your liking.

Don't Starve: Giant Edition

There are tons of survival games in Microsoft's Game Pass, but if you are going to bet on one to play on the go, the best option is more than clear: Don't Starve: Giant Edition. Simple and addictive in equal measure.

For the occasion, the button interface has been totally simplified so that nothing on the screen overlaps. Our chances of survival may not increase, but Xbox Cloud Gaming makes it much easier for us to start new games.

Guacamelee! two

The sequel to Guacamelee! It is hilarious and does not lose an iota of its original essence on the small screens: both on Wi-Fi and through 5G, Juan Aguacate's rogue jumps and hits with the same determination and style, and when there are lag problems (very eventually) they are solved before taking the next leap.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is quite an experience, and its version for cloud play has been treated as such: the layout of on-screen controls disappears completely in cinematic moments, and minimalism is intentionally and constantly sought so that when only one button is required on the screen, it is all that is displayed.

All in all, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is an emotional journey. That said, whether you are going to play on mobile phones or from a screen, it is worth heeding the initial message: the game is experienced more and better with headphones or a spatial sound system.

Donut County

The premise of Donut County could not be simpler: strain into a moving hole that springs from the ground everything that is shown on screen. And yet this surreal indie manages to be truly entertaining.

As you might expect, the cloud version of Donut County hardly needs to display buttons on the screen. And despite the fact that the gameplay lacks that precision that sticks offer, the truth is that giving that couple of additional attempts will not frustrate us.

Sea of ​​Thieves

No more excuses to embark on Rare's latest great madness: Sea of ​​Thieves' sea ​​of ​​adventures are played on mobiles and touch controls work in your favor: gestures, weapons, and actions are perfectly visible and easy to use the game feeling are quite satisfying.

Sword fighting and aiming with our pistol is the weak point of this version, so perhaps it will be better to delegate it to another player. However, it has never been so easy and simple to be able to complete a squad of sea lions and improvise games.

Gear 5

As with Killer Instinct: if you are going to play Gears 5 on mobile phones, we recommend that you bet on a Wi-Fi connection. That said, Microsoft's shooter has been adapted with some merit to devices: in addition to buttons dedicated to cover or reload, the gyroscopes of the mobile are used very well to aim.

That said, in our games, we have run into two drawbacks: we will be at a great disadvantage in competitive multiplayer and, as you can see just above, visibility in the darkest areas or night scenes of the campaigns will be really limited.


The Codemasters driving proposal shines with its own light in Microsoft's Game Pass, and its cloud version fulfills what is expected of it: the new button layout is not only very successful but (except for the challenges in the race ) leaves perfectly visible both the mini-map and the stopwatch as well as the speedometer.

It is clear that at the performance and visual level it cannot be measured with the console and PC editions. In the rainy phases, it becomes pixelated and skidding will require a period of adaptation and an extra skill, but if DIRT 5 was a pleasant surprise on Xbox One, it's an only portable version (at least, to date) does not disappoint.

Hotshot Racing

While DIRT 5 puts the simulation sensations on hold, Hotshot Racing cheekily embraces arcade sensations. Which makes it a pleasant driving alternative when playing in the cloud even outdoors.

Special mention to the tactile acceleration system, which we will adjust manually by raising the pedal on the right. A small great detail that gives an extra identity to your retro proposal.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of a Lost Past

Dragon Quest XI is one of the best JRPGs in history, and its way of accommodating itself doubly to Microsoft's cloud game is remarkable: in addition to accommodating itself visually and in the controls in its modern mode, we can enjoy the adventure of lighting with classic and pixelated style.

What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch is one of the best indies of the generation and the past decade, and the best part is that its story can be enjoyed from start to finish on Xbox Gaming Cloud.

Browsing the Finch mansion without limits from mobile phones and knowing the fate of Edith's family is quite an experience, and although it will take more or less an afternoon to complete the game, there is no longer any excuse not to give a chance to this gem.

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is a well of hours. Its visual style dazzles and its turn-based combat retains the best of Square Enix's classic legacy. And being able to continue our adventure on the fly will not only help us to solve the fates of the eight protagonists but to undertake many more battles that are strictly necessary.

Extra Ball: The Walking Dead saga

For nearly a decade, Telltale Games was synonymous with adventure games and great stories. And that the highly awarded The Walking Dead saga is played in the cloud through mobile devices is an opportunity to get to know the best of San Rafael.

The point and click system lack the precision of a mouse and keyboard. And that definitely works against him. In favor? To be able to continue our game already started on the fly and whenever we want. And, in the process, enjoy this more than a remarkable foray into Robert Kirkman's universe.

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