2022 Fortune China 500 announced

The 2022 "Fortune" China Top 500 list released by Fortune Chinese website shows that Sinopec, PetroChina, and China Construction are still in the top three on the list. Ping An of China ranked fourth, still the first non-state-owned enterprise.

JD.com and Alibaba, two private listed companies, both improved their rankings, with JD.com rising to No. 7 and entering the top ten for the first time; Alibaba ranked No. 11.

According to data from Fortune Chinese website, the total operating income of the 500 Chinese listed companies on the list this year reached 62 trillion yuan, an increase of about 17.4% compared with the companies on the list last year; net profit reached 4.7 %. trillion yuan, an increase of about 9.2% over the previous year.

There are a total of 49 new and re-listed companies this year, of which Didi made the list for the first time and ranked 75th with total revenue of 173.8 billion yuan. In the field of new energy vehicles, both NIO and Lili made the list for the first time, ranking 344th and 427th respectively.

In terms of profitability, among the 10 most profitable companies on the list, in addition to 6 commercial banks and insurance companies, Tencent Holdings Co., Ltd. ranked fourth in the profit list with a net profit of 224.8 billion yuan.

In terms of losses, a total of 49 listed companies in the Fortune China 500 failed to make profits, with a total loss of about 436.3 billion yuan. Based on the loss figures shown in the financial reports of various companies, Kuaishou ranked first in the loss list, with a loss of more than 78 billion yuan; Didi lost 49.3 billion yuan, ranking second in the loss list; Suning Tesco lost 43.2 billion yuan, ranked third in the loss list.

The following are the top 100 of the Fortune China 500:

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