2022 Honda Civic Type R: Arrival Approaching

At the end of 2019, Honda surprised the world with an ambitious plan to electrify its entire range in Europe as early as 2022. A strategy that will involve a series of drastic changes in many of its models, including its popular Honda Civic. And what about the Type R ? Well, as explained by a senior Honda executive at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the next-generation Honda Civic Type R will not escape this electrification either, in fact, it will not only change its powertrain but also its appearance, betting on a new style that will move away from these last generations.

An interesting look at its new generation

With the landing of the new Honda Civic family, some designers, such as KDesign AG, had the perfect opportunity to imagine the future lines of the version of the popular sport of the Japanese model and the result of this is the virtual recreations that accompany these lines. However, now our spies have been in charge of providing us with some very interesting snapshots since the photographed test unit wears exactly the same camouflage that we saw just a few weeks ago with the first official images published by Honda itself.

This recent set of photos of the next edition of the hot-hatch par excellence combines the forms already captured for more than a year by our photographers and the new features of the standard version of the new Civic. Thus, to the new design philosophy applied in the Japanese compact, with cleaner shapes in the front and rear accompanied by a drop from the roof with a marked coupe-style, more sporty and aggressive touches are added. such as the marked air intakes in the bumper inherited from the previous generation - or the new rear wing that we already saw in the first prototypes of the model, which promises to maintain a slightly discreet style. All this is further accentuated by sporty skirts, the red calipers signed by Brembo, its striking black wheels, and an exhaust system composed of three outlets, but this time the central one is the largest of all.

The first Type R hybrid?

Perhaps for many purists, the idea of ​​adding a heavy electrical part to the formula of pure sportiness of a Type R is not attractive, but from Honda, they assure that they want to maintain the performance and essence of a good Type R also in a hybrid format.

"We think it would be easy enough to achieve Type R performance with a pure electric at this point, but the Type R is not all about performance." It's also about handling and behavior. We don't think it's as simple as replacing that with electrical power. That is not the right direction for the Type R " explained Kohei Hitomi, the project leader of the Honda e. That is why the brand is exploring all the advantages of electrification and above all how to use it in the best possible way in the Type R formula. This suggests that the formula chosen for the compact Japanese sports car will be that of a hybrid.

“People complained when we said the Type R would use a turbocharger, but now they appreciate the new possibilities this has brought. I think it would be the same for electrified vehicles. " Hitomi added. " People who love the Type R will realize what it can add to the driving experience. We just need to find the best attributes that are relevant to him, in order to improve the experience without losing what causes a Type R " .

Already underway

As for the mechanics chosen, there are not many official details about it yet, although it is rumored that, in the case of this new Honda Civic Type R, a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine could be combined, which the model will use in some markets, together with an electrical part, to result in a hybrid mechanic capable of offering 400 hp of power.

In any case, we will have to wait a bit for more to know the main details of a new generation that everything indicates that it will see the light at the end of this year or the beginning of the next, with a view to a launch in the summer of 2022, in order to relieve to the current Civic Type R.

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