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31 new Emojis are expected to be added to iOS and Android phones

The emoji draft of Emoji 15.0 was released, and up to 31 new Emoji emojis will appear on iOS and Android next year, including shaking faces, push hands, and pink hearts.

The Unicode Consortium is currently considering a new range of emoji for Emoji 15.0, with a total of 31 emoji finalists, including shaking face, pushing hands and pink heart, light blue heart, grey heart, donkey, moose, blackbird, jellyfish, flute, fan, pea pod, hyacinth, ginger, etc., will be finalized in September.

In addition, the Wi-Fi symbol that has been absent for many years has also come, and users no longer have to replace Wi-Fi with the symbol of mobile signals.

Emoji 15.0 recommended a total of 31 emojis, significantly less than 112 last year and 334 in 2020. Additionally, this year is the lowest number of new emojis Unicode has ever recommended.

When confirmed in September, major operating systems such as iOS and Android will roll out updates to add the latest Emoji 15.0 to the system, and we'll be able to use it when that happens.

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