5 things NASA has done after successfully flying its helicopter on Mars


NASA's Ingenuity Helicopter Program conducted its first successful take-off and landing on Mars, as the four-pound helicopter fired its rotors and lifted itself 10 feet in the air, flying for five seconds, spinning 96 degrees and continuing for another 30 seconds before it Landing on Mars, achieving 39 seconds of flight.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, NASA revealed, that the flight was flawless, it was a pleasant take-off, with little wind pushing when it ascended at higher altitudes, but it was very steady with less bounce when landing. The moment the plane landed, We monitor the details of what NASA did after this successful landing:

  1. The place where the plane landed on the surface of Mars, where NASA completed this flight and called it the Wright Brothers in honor of the two men who made the first flight of a powered plane on Earth, Thomas Zurbuchen, Assistant Director of Science at NASA, said during a live broadcast Monday, While these two iconic moments in aviation history can be separated by time and 173 million miles from space, they will now be linked forever.

  2. NASA has published a video of the historical moments of the helicopter during its first flight on the planet Mars.

  3. Ingenuity's helicopter collected pictures that he took at a rate of 30 pictures per second to help him monitor his path, and one of the pictures shows the moment before his legs meet the surface.

  4. NASA plans another helicopter flight no more than four days after the flight that made history.

  5. NASA hopes to have the helicopter 16 feet high and then move sideways on future flights.

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