5 things that put your online safety at risk and beware of them

There are many reasons and factors that make the Internet user vulnerable to danger by threatening his safety and privacy, and therefore the user should be careful and pay attention to these matters so that he does not fall into them, and according to the toms guide site, these are the most important factors and reasons that lead to that, Such as:

Reuse the same passwords or use weak passwords

The use of the same password for several accounts on the Internet is one of the main factors of exposure to the risk of hacking, so if the hacker is able to obtain the background of the service that is being used, he can download the login details for that user. And because the same password is used, the hacker will be able to access the rest of the accounts.

Behave carelessly on social media platforms

Social media platforms have become a fertile environment for collecting data and information on individuals, so the user must be careful about what he publishes and shares there.

Browse without blocking ads

Not all of the ads that we see on the Internet are commercial advertisements for ordinary products, but sometimes these ads carry links to malware that facilitate the work of hackers and enable them to enter our accounts.

Install any application that you encounter

This behavior affects the performance of the device's operating system and puts data at risk, especially on the Android system, as researchers revealed that many applications leak user data, so it is preferable to download only reliable applications.

Documentation is not used by several factors

Authentication by several factors protects user accounts, and if one of them obtains the user’s password in any way, it will be easy for him to penetrate his accounts if those accounts do not require authentication with other factors to verify the identity of the person trying to log in.

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