5 tricks you do not know about the Signal application

Did you accidentally send a message to the wrong signal contact? The message recall feature is enabled, however, you can only delete messages sent in the past three hours, at the time of deleting a recently sent message, you can delete the message for everyone in the chat, moreover, this feature can only be accessed by users who have Signal latest version.

To delete a message for everyone in the chat, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Run the Signal app on your smartphone

  • Open the chat and find the message you want to delete for everyone

  • Now, tap and hold on to the message you sent within the past 3 hours. A toolbar will appear

  • Finally, tap on the Delete icon.

What happens when you delete a Signal account?

Deleting your Signal account is very easy. When you delete your Signal account, all associated data such as media, chats, and contacts will be deleted.

How do I delete Signal on Android?

  • Open Signal on your phone

  • Click on your profile > Advanced options > Delete account

  • Enter your Signal number

  • Click on the Delete Account option and confirm

How do you know if someone is using Signal?

On your Android phones, look at your contact list, there will be a blue letter in the outer column indicating that it is a Signal contact.

How do you delete a number from Signal?

Select the contact and go to the chat settings. Now select Delete and select Delete. This will remove the contact from appearing in the right pane.

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