7 new Deadline Arena bonuses for Rockstar Games' GTA Online

Rockstar Games has added seven new arenas to GTA Online and is offering triple bonuses and various other benefits until the 30th. First, seven new arenas have been added, set in infamous landmarks throughout the city, and to commemorate this, triple GTA$ and RP will be rewarded until the 30th.

In addition, if you play the deadline until the 30th and purchase a vehicle Shotaro, you can get a refund of GTA$750,000 within 72 hours after logging in. During the same period, completing 6 superyacht life missions will provide triple rewards, while air transport package sales missions and escorts will pay double rewards for higher profits

All players who log in to GTA Online this week will receive a free Buckingham t-shirt, with free access to all drinks at the Diamond Casino Bar and Music Lockers. Additionally, all Galaxy Super Yachts, upgrades and modifications, up to 50% off all hangars, and 80% off all deadline outfits.

Save up to 40% on a variety of vehicles including Buckingham Luxor, Buckingham Luxor Deluxe, Buckingham Swift, Buckingham Supervolito, and Gallivanter Bowler LE.

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