70% of IT workers are emotionally affected by security threats

A new report shows that around 70% of IT and SOC (Security Operations Center) teams feel that their personal lives are emotionally affected by their work by managing IT threat alerts, and this comes at a time when the majority (51%) feel Their team is overwhelmed by the volume of alerts and 55% admit they are not entirely confident in their ability to prioritize and respond to them.

According to cybersecurity firm Trend Micro, which surveyed more than 2,300 IT and SOC security decision-makers, it's no wonder teams spend up to 27% of their time dealing with false positives

Bharat Mistry, Trend's CTO said, to avoid losing their best employees to burnout, organizations should look for more sophisticated threat detection and response platforms that can link alerts and intelligently prioritize them. Not only will this improve overall protection, but it will also enhance analysts productivity and job satisfaction levels, Outside of work, large amounts of alerts leave many security operations center managers unable to shut down or relax, and it also leads to irritability with Friends and family.

At work, they cause people to turn off alerts (43% do this occasionally or frequently), stay away from their computers (43%), or hope that another member of the team will intervene (50%), or It completely ignores what is coming (40%). With an astonishing 74 percent of respondents already dealing with a breach or anticipating a breach within the year, and an estimated average cost per breach of $235,000, the consequences of such actions could be catastrophic.

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