A 4 year old girl discovered a dinosaur footprint


The discovery occurred when the girl, identified as Lily Wilder , was walking along the Bendricks Bay beach in Barry, in the Vale of Glamorgan district, and when she saw the footprint she called her father, who took a picture of her, the BBC reported.

The family sent the photos to local authorities, which highlighted the value of the find, the Ansa news agency reported

" It's the best specimen ever found on this beach, " said Cindy Howells, curator of paleontology at the National Museum of Wales , referring to the footprint, 10 centimeters long, which probably belonged to a dinosaur about 75 centimeters tall.

The fossil footprint found imprinted on what was once a muddy surface was removed this week and taken to the National Museum in Cardiff, where it will be displayed.

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