A basketball robot attracted attention at Tokyo 2020

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games have seen technology as a great ally in its development and have left unique postcards to remember. For example, this Sunday, a robot turned heads during an official game in the basketball category. At halftime during France's game against the United States (and which marked a surprise victory for the French team ), a robot jumped onto the field to try to score from the middle of the field.

Cue3, created by Toyota, then surprised all the spectators: it hit all three shots from different distances.

Cue3 Advances

Cue3 is a 6-foot robot built with sensors in its torso to judge the distance and angle of the basket and uses motorized arms and knees to execute established shots. The robot of Toyota was first seen in 2017 and, according to its developers, he can dribble, play with the ball, passes and go to the field in a couple of decades.

The original Cue was exhibited in 2018 and won a shooting contest against two players at Alvark Tokyo, a team from Japan's professional basketball association, the B.League. An updated version of Cue was then revealed in December before engineers introduced the current Cue3 in 2019.

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