A battery made of nuclear waste that will work for 28,000 years will be put on the market in 2023


Some technology experts have revealed a nuclear waste battery that can keep a spacecraft or hospital operating for 28,000 years without needing to be recharged or replaced, and the radioactive battery is completely safe for humans, and it could change the world if Already introduced in 2023, as its creators had expected.

The California-based Nano Diamond Battery (NDB) hopes to start selling the battery to commercial partners, including space agencies for long-term missions, within the next two years.NDB is also working on a consumer version that can operate a smartphone or electric vehicle for up to a decade without the need for charging

No pricing details have been released from the startup, which it said is still in the development stage. This technique involves combining isotopes taken from nuclear waste with layers of nanoscale diamonds that are encased in panels stacked in a battery cell.

The very good thermal conductivity of the microscopic diamond moves heat away from the radioisotopes at a speed that the treatment generates electricity, and it is based on a technology called diamond nuclear voltage (DNV) that scientists introduced in 2016 from the University of Bristol using graphite waste blocks.

The NDB system is also able to operate in consumer products by adding layers and layers of diamonds and radioactive waste plates to increase the total energy production.

NDB CEO Nima Golsharifi said, this battery has two different features, one of which is that it uses nuclear waste and turns it into a good thing, and the second is that it works much longer than current batteries.

The company also worked to ensure the safety of the materials and that people could not easily access the radioactive materials inside the energy-packed cells.

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