A blogger said that Douyin(TikTok) blocked many keywords causing the popularity of homophonic stalks

Yesterday, teacher @ Shanglong, who is certified as a writer on Weibo, posted that he had violated blocked words many times in the live broadcast of Douyin, and he could not say "seckill", "make money", "live broadcast room", etc., only to change Homonymous words such as "Seconds", "Essentials", and "Bobojian" will not be prompted to violate the regulations. He commented that Douyin 's text system contains a large number of typos deliberately created by the platform, and children have just learned Chinese characters a few years ago. , I came into contact with these words too early and should "save the child" .

In this regard, Douyin Blackboard issued a statement saying that there is a lot of false information in Mr. Shanglong's statement. IT House learned that the statement stated that there are no restrictions on the anchor's normal expression of WeChat in the live broadcast, but when the anchor guides users to conduct transactions on WeChat, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers and prevent subsequent transactions from losing security, the platform will issue a safety reminder.

Secondly, regarding the change of "Seckill" to "Seconds", Douyin said that the "Seckill" is a marketing behavior in e-commerce live broadcast. In order to protect the interests of consumers, the anchor can express it normally if it meets the specifications.

Third, regarding not being able to say "the cause of the epidemic", but to change it to "the cause of the mask", Douyin said that the epidemic situation needs to be standardized, and it cannot be used to gain sympathy and sell misery.

Fourth, the so-called "making money" should be called "earning rice"; the "live broadcast room" should be called "bobo room"; Books, the official account is called Princess, Weibo is called a blog, WeChat is called a letter, Douyin is called Douyin, etc. The statement emphasizes that Douyin has no relevant rules, and the use of variants and homophonic expressions by netizens is online slang, and the platform does not advocate it.

Finally, with regard to not being able to say limit words, Douyin said that live broadcast content with marketing attributes such as e-commerce live broadcasts need to follow the requirements for prohibited words and limit words in advertising in the Advertising Law.

It is worth mentioning that yesterday, station B and Weibo have issued announcements successively, calling on users to standardize the use of Chinese characters


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