A bold step by Google towards digital currencies


Despite all the ups and downs of the digital currency market, the global confidence of major technology companies in these currencies continues. Google has decided to start accepting ads for cryptocurrency trading and digital wallets targeting the American consumer on its platform starting from the third of August.

The US company confirmed on Wednesday that it will update its financial services and products policy in August with the aim of clarifying requirements to allow advertising for businesses and services related to cryptocurrency, according to Fox Business.

A digital wallet is an application that allows users to store and retrieve their digital assets from trading platforms such as CoinPass, and once stored in a digital wallet, the customer can use those holdings to carry out financial transactions.

It is noteworthy that Google and Apple recently partnered with CoinPass to allow users to add cards from their accounts to payment apps operated by the two technology companies.

Meanwhile, promoting cryptocurrency exchanges and digital wallets on Google requires compliance with specific requirements, including registration with financial crime prevention networks and with at least one state as a money transmitter.

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