A children's section has appeared in Yandex.Music

The Yandex.Music team announced the launch of a special children's section in the music streaming service.

A section for parents and preschool children has become available in the Yandex.Music app. It contains fairy tales, songs, audiobooks, and podcasts, as well as white noise, riddles, and poems. Favorite characters are present - from Smeshariki and Fixiks to Disney princesses and Spider-Man. All content is grouped by age, activity type, and characters.

There are also special selections - from experts in the field of pediatric medicine, literature, and education. According to the developers, the service should help parents put their children to bed, facilitate kindergarten fees, and entertain the child during a long journey. For all these situations, playlists and audio streams with personalized recommendations are provided.

Also, for the children's section of Yandex.Music, famous artists-parents have collected tracks that their children especially like and help in various household chores. There is a sports selection from Polina Gagarina, a playlist for "discharging a child's battery" from Timur Rodriguez, as well as lullabies from Yuliana Karaulova.

If a child or parent marks a "like" track from the children's section, then such a melody will not be added to the "adult" selection but will be included in a separate collection.

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