A Chinese company develops a patent for mobile technology to monitor earthquakes

A Chinese company specializing in the manufacture of smartphones has published a patent for Method and Equipment for Achieving Mobile Seismic Monitoring with publication number CN113406696A, where the patent describes a system capable of reading/monitoring seismic activity from a mobile device, and this technology will be used in Earthquake detection.

The mobile device will transmit the main data obtained to be sent to the earthquake processing center, and the report added that the system will also allow the core processor to identify and predict earthquake events based on multiple readings, and the company earlier patented a foldable smartphone solution to reduce creases.

The company registered this patent with CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration), and this patent is titled The Support Structure of Flexible Display, Flexible Screen Structure, and Peripheral Equipment, and according to the documents, the design includes two support structures for the flexible display panel, and the second structure, which is close to screen, deformable. Hence, when the device is off, the screen has a low chance of being affected by more wrinkles in the long run.

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