A city in Japan lost a USB flash drive containing the information of 460,000 citizens in the city

According to Japan's Kansai TV report on the 24th, Amagasaki City, Hyogo Prefecture held a press conference on June 23 to apologize for the loss of the USB flash drive containing the personal information of all 460,000 citizens.

A man from contractor BIPROGY has reportedly admitted that he lost a USB drive containing the personal information of 460,000 people across the city while out drinking one night. The city's office removed the USB drive and transferred data to a call center near Osaka.

The man found the bag containing the USB drive missing on his way home after drinking at a restaurant on Tuesday night. The next morning, he reported the loss to the police.

The USB stick includes the residents' names, addresses and dates of birth , as well as details of the resident tax they pay, as well as the bank account numbers of residents receiving child benefits and other benefits .

An official from Amagasaki City told reporters: " All information is encrypted and protected, and there are no reports of data breaches. It is deeply regrettable that we have seriously damaged the public's trust in city management, and we will strive to increase the importance of protecting personal information by improving the Sexual awareness to regain the trust of the residents.”

This incident is not over. At the press conference, the staff also accidentally leaked the number of digits of the password set by the USB flash drive, which attracted widespread criticism.

According to Nihon Keizai Shimbun, when asked about the password at the press conference, the staff responded, " I set a 13-digit alphanumeric password, which I think is difficult to decipher."

In response, Twitter sparked a wave of criticism of the city of Amagasaki. It has been pointed out that exposing the password digits makes it easier to brute force the password.

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