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A crazy mix of genres in Tribes of Midgard


The Viking-themed bag has really torn apart recently. Just look at what games came out only this year. However, even if you catch the trend, it does not mean that your game must automatically be good. A beautiful example is the Tribes of Midgard play reviewed today by the small and hitherto unknown Norsfell studio.

It was they who chose, as the name suggests, the Viking plantation. And you know what? It wasn't a bad move, actually, the whole idea about Tribes of Midgard is really great, but at the stage of the title, it looks like we're in beta testing, rather than a full-fledged game, because I don't believe anyone wants this. try to really play before the release.

Tribes of Midgard have a hard time. He collected quite a lot of fame for himself at this year's E3, and even we in the newsroom were looking forward to the title. Not to mention, the first samples looked really good, and even then it was clear how much developers put hope and ambition in their title. Exactly such a title will simply excite you. But maybe just because I expected something more from the title - I didn't really get anything in the final.

At the same time, the idea with which we look at Midgard, that is, on the land of the people, sounds at least interesting and fresh. The developers have decided to try to combine several large and recently very popular genres together. So yes, it may look like a devil, but at its core, it has little to do with this genre. It's a crazy mix of what could be called survival, tower defense, and for sure it's all rogue-lite. Sounds crazy and you don't know what to imagine under it? Don't worry, I'll explain right away.

Your task will be to survive on earth for as long as possible, while at the same time you must protect your village, where the world tree Yggdrasil is located . Dark creatures and occasionally huge titans attack it every night. If the tree falls, your quest ends and you try again from the beginning . The only thing left for your next attempt are the golden horns. These are used as special production items for legendary equipment, thanks to them you can draw a random bonus for your one attempt or buy recipes for it in the store. At the same time, you have to constantly collect new raw materials, for which you can then produce equipment from the villagers.

In addition, you have to improve the inhabitants of the village, as well as the defensive towers around the village or the protective gates. You can do this with the help of souls, which you gain both by collecting resources and killing enemies. At the same time, you can renew the life of your tree for the soul. However, if you die, the soul will disappear forever. What does it just remind me of?

And you repeat this carousel over and over again. You collect raw materials to create better items, thanks to which you try to survive again for a night longer. However, there are not many subjects. You have armor, some potions, and various types of weapons like axes, swords, and bows. However, there are only five item levels, and if you know what you're doing, which you'll find out in an hour, it's not hard to get the equipment. On the contrary, the constant frustration of collecting sticks on the ground after you die will quickly make you tired.

There aren't that many locations or enemies either. So the passage really starts to get edged very quickly and nothing will keep you playing for long. Even though you can go on an expedition with up to ten people, either with your friends or you can connect with nine other random players.

This will make your passage much easier. If you play alone, your chances of getting on are far less. Even though the enemies are weaker, their number is the same, and during the night raids on your village you will tear your hair out and shout how the hell you have to do this when the village has three entrances and you are alone.

The enemies are happy to ignore you, and their stamina is amazing. So the fights are not about how you manage to avoid, defend or use special attacks, but rather what kind of weapon you brought into the fight and at what level. In the final, there is nothing more in the combat system. In short, you are beating huge enemies, who usually do nothing themselves.

This can be seen far more in the titans mentioned. They have a huge number of lives and the fights with them are terribly boring. They alternate a maximum of two types of attacks and otherwise go towards your village. Your task is to jump here and there, otherwise, you will beat them headless without much sense.

Tribes of Midgard is not a difficult game, but it is very unfair to you, especially if you play alone. The developers have taken too big a bite here. They had a lot of ideas, and they appreciate it, but the whole game seems kind of unfinished.

You don't have enough content here to keep you playing for longer. The world is not big and there are few locations. In addition, the whole island looks kind of desolate, and the occasional enemy camps, which are all exactly the same, unfortunately, can not save it. In the final, you have ordinary plains, swamps, forests and in the later phase, you will also look at the mountains and deserts, where you need special elixirs against winter or heat. These are nice mechanics, but playing doesn't change that much.

The graphics don't help it all much either. It's not bad, someone may like it because it has its charm, but you can't say it's great. Maybe it will also be because I have seen something like this in mobile games.

So if at least the optimization was fine-tuned, but not, on PlayStation 5 you will experience a number of annoying slide drops and sometimes here and there a bug where you get stuck in the texture. But what's very bad is the loading, which often takes several minutes. I would understand if it was who knows how huge the world is, but it doesn't.

Unfortunately, the developers have not been able to use the enormous potential that this has. They weren't afraid to experiment, and that's only fine, but the Tribes of Midgard makes a very unfinished impression. Yes, we already know that we can look forward to a lot of seasons and events, but now it is simply now and unfortunately, it is a pity that the title, which I was looking forward to after this year's E3 conference, ended very well on average.

Nothing will keep you playing for long, the mechanics of the world are often boring and their constant repetition will not force you to return to the game several times after turning it off. Like the whole game, the subsequent audiovisual is quite average and you won't hear it much while playing.

That's why the game takes 5/10 away from us and we will hope that the developers will be able to correct their mistakes and that the next seasons will bring far more content than is there now. The question is whether the developers are to blame for this state of affairs, or perhaps Gearbox as a publisher who wanted it out as soon as possible.

Perhaps in the next seasons, we will see some real use of construction, because this mechanic is really only in numbers in the final.


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