A dangerous application threatening Android phones around the world


The company, Zimperium, specializing in information and electronic security has revealed the presence of a dangerous application that threatens Android phones.

According to the experts in the company, the new application called "System Update" disguises itself as an update for the systems of Android smart devices, and that this program has begun to spread among users of these devices, although it is available on the Google App Store, rather it is downloaded from external sources.

The danger in this program, according to specialists, is that it exploits Firebase software in devices and allows hackers to access cameras and microphones on phones to spy on users, and it can also access data, messages, contacts and browser data on devices.

In addition to all of the above, the malware in the aforementioned application can access data on phones' memories, keypad data, and data related to the device's location, and send that data to hackers in the form of thumbnails without being tracked by Google's electronic protection systems.

Zimperium said in a statement on the topic, the aforementioned program may be part of a cyber attack on mobile devices, and that it is one of the most complex software that its experts encountered, and it is believed that its programmers have spent a lot of time and effort to develop it and that they seek to discover any similar dangerous software.

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