A device that sterilizes swimming pool water by 100%

Swimming pools are considered one of the most dangerous vectors of infection and diseases if they are not sterilized in a healthy and proper manner, and chlorine is often used to sterilize swimming pools, as it is in itself a substance for disease and can cause many skin diseases, especially with the inability of chlorine to eliminate All kinds of germs.

The American company Aquastaser, which specializes in the manufacture of swimming equipment, has launched an innovative device that purifies pool water by 100%, as while eliminating toxic substances in the water, it maintains its health and pH balance, to ensure its use safely, and without harming the swimmer's "body and skin", This is instead of using traditional sterilization materials, such as chlorine, and other chemicals, which may be harmful.

The American company designed the device, using a technology called Hydrodynamic Cavitation, which works by inducing water to evaporate, generating and bursting bubbles within the water.

For his part, explained Rich Wambesgans, Director of Aquastaser, that the new technology works by installing it first on any pool water surface, then the water flows from the pool filter to the device, where the process creates an extreme speed and high temperature, which neutralizes harmful bacteria, pathogens, viruses, and algae. The sterilized water is then passed through a copper screen to ensure a double sterilization level, and the water is then returned to the pool, free of chemicals and with a balanced pH level.

Wampsgans warned against a common misconception among some owners of saltwater pools, which is that salt water reduces the need to use chemicals and chlorine, adding, “What they do not know is that saltwater pools often require more chemicals than those used to sterilize swimming pools. traditional.”

The device was patented in the United States, after it proved successful in extensive tests that lasted for a few years, on nearly 500 swimming pools.

Conventional swimming pools are usually cleaned using chlorine and chemicals, but when chlorine is used for disinfection, algae and most bacteria remain at the pool's edge.

Chlorine is often harmful to the skin, eyes, hair, and respiratory system, and may lead to many health problems.

Health-conscious pool owners have long sought safe solutions that not only clean the entire pool water but also protect swimmers from the harmful effects of exposure to such chemicals.

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