A drug that increases stamina will come soon...


Soon, Novosibirsk scientists will present a new food supplement, the basis of which is the extract of local plants. This product is currently in the registration stage, and chemists have proven that this product will allow reducing the level of lactic acid (lactic) in the muscles, which accumulates in them during strenuous exercises. Because when the level of this acid is high, a person feels tired and pain in his muscles. This preparation, based on local perennial plants, affects the body effectively and gently.

Sergey Ankov, a scientific researcher at the Novosibirsk Institute of Organic Chemistry of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences said, this compound has an anabolic effect, that is, it helps muscle growth and glucose absorption in the body, reducing fat mass and increasing sexual desire and work capacity, as a result of reducing lactate in muscles.

For her part, Tatiana Tolasticova, Director of the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Studies at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, stresses that all the plants used are local and non-toxic, available in Siberia, and they can be obtained easily, which makes the cost of the preparation low.

She adds, there are similar supplements on the market, but the advantage of the new product is that it is enough to take two capsules of it to replace taking 14 capsules of a similar product.

He adds Valerie Aagutin, specialist kinesiology and rehabilitation, athletes can, and practitioners exercise sports who wish to reduce their weight, the use of this new product, according to Vesti Roe.

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