A gaming company designs a smart muzzle N95 to protect against Covid-19

A gaming company designs a smart muzzle "N95" to protect against corona virus e and now with details. The American-Singaporean Razr company for electronics and games announced today, Monday, that it will produce a N95 mask that includes high technology, despite the expansion of the vaccination process against the emerging Covid-19.

The company's CEO, Min Liang Tan, said, according to the American (Al Hurra) channel that it is decided that the (Project Hazel N 95) facial ventilator will become a reality. We have realized that even with vaccinations, experts advise you to wear a face mask, because there is still a margin of risk even if you are vaccinated, and so we all still have to be incredibly careful.

He explained that the design of the smart face muzzle from the Razr company is partly transparent, and integrated with internal "LED" lights to make the wearer's mouth visible in low light. The muzzle uses replaceable filters and a rechargeable respirator, and contains a UV sterilizer.

He pointed out that the wearer can adjust the amount of air flow, and it contains algorithms to treat the sound and make it more clear, and it also contains a separate case that can be charged wirelessly.

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