A giant worm moon decorates the sky of Egypt


On Sunday evening, the Egyptian sky witnessed a remarkable astronomical phenomenon, as the moon completed and became a giant full moon, and its illumination reached 98.78%, with a distance of approximately 371 thousand km from the Earth.

This is the first giant moon witnessed by Egypt this year, and the reason for its name is the worm moon, in reference to the beginning of the spring season, and the storms that cause the exit of earthworms.

It is noteworthy that the giant moon will not be the first that the world will witness this year, as scientists and astronomers suggest that in 2021, 4 full giant moons will appear between the months from March to June, while others say that there will be only 3 giant moons.

The agency NASA said that the full satellites will be in the next April and May, and they will be the closest full moons for this year.

According to Echo of the Country, the full moon next May will be a little closer to Earth than the full moon in April, but by a tiny 0.04% only.

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