A hidden application in iPhone and a feature that everyone needs


The iPhone has many hidden advantages and tricks, the most prominent of which may be the document scanner that the technical site CNET recently reviewed. To access the scanner, the user must, according to the site, pull the main screen down from the middle of it, after unlocking, and then search for the word Code or "Scanner", for the scanner to appear.

On its support site, Apple revealed a trick that is hidden for some to take pictures of important documents, a feature everyone needs. According to Apple, all that is required is to open the Notes application and then open a new document to access the camera.

After opening a new document, the user can click on the camera icon, at the bottom of the document, to prepare to photograph the required documents.

All that the user has to do is fix the documents that they want to scan in front of the camera, in a fixed position, so that the picture is taken. It is usually advisable to resort to a well-lit website to capture the best possible image of the documents, without the need to use flash lighting.

Apple notes that scanning documents is done automatically if the device is installed in the Auto mode, and in the event that you want to take pictures manually, the user must press the photography icon in the camera application, or use the volume up and down buttons, and then save the image.

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