A huge advertisement in space will be launched from Russia


The Russian company Avant Space is moving forward in the development of its ambitious project "Constellation" launching satellites into orbit to form luminous advertising images with their help, clearly visible from Earth.

This was reported by Vedomosti with reference to the press service of the National Technological Initiative (NTI). The Fund for Assistance to Innovation is going to provide a grant of 3 million rubles for Avant Space to create a mobile application that will recognize encoded images from space, similar to QR codes. For example, it can be a coded link to a promotion or a promotional code.

The idea is that 20-30 microsatellites equipped with laser arrays will be able to form images-symbols recognizable on Earth, for example, logos of advertising customers. The satellites should be launched in clusters, and each such satellite will weigh 7.5 kg. The batteries are recharged from solar panels.

Technical Director of Avant Space Alexander Malinin explained:

The system will turn on when satellites pass over major cities. The size of the coverage spot will be about three full moons or 1.5 angular degrees. "

As noted on the Avant Space website, the coverage of such advertising will be more than one billion people, and the coverage will be more than 130 of the largest cities. It is also reported that the production time for the satellites is 24 months, the launch into space and the deployment of the constellation in orbit is about 6 months, the total project implementation period is 30 months.

The launch of the test satellite into orbit is planned for 2022, and the deployment of the constellation - in 2024. Avant Space has already received confirmation from Glavkosmos - Launch Services about the availability of free space onboard the launch vehicle, which is to be launched in June 2022. The contract has not yet been concluded, but preparations are underway for this.

Just under a year ago, Avant Space reported on the completion of tests of a laser unit for satellites. In the United States, preparations are also underway to launch a "space billboard".

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