A joint collaboration between PlayStation and Netflix


A new leak revealed that "PlayStation" may support the expansion of the broadcasting giant in video games, "Netflix", through joint cooperation opportunities.

This comes after “Netflix” announced that a new gaming platform has officially joined its services, and revealed that it will provide games to its subscribers at no additional cost with an initial focus on mobile games.

And there were reports about the spread of “Netflix” production of games earlier this month after “Bloomberg” announced that the company had appointed Mike Verdo, the former CEO of “EA and Facebook”, to be the vice president of game development for the streaming platform.

After this was announced, the technical analyst, Steve Moser, rushed to the application in search of evidence, and according to him, the new gaming initiative of “Netflix” bears the code name “Shark”, which is represented by the image that he attached to his tweet on Twitter, and there is also The “Netflix Game” logo is hidden in the app.

In addition, Moser also found screenshots of the PS5 DualSense console and the PlayStation-exclusive Ghost of Tsushima, and at the moment, there is no clear explanation as to why these images are hidden in the Netflix app.

According to a report by the “BGR”, there is reason to believe that there is some degree of partnership between the two giants “Sony” and “Netflix.” In April, “Netflix” signed a 5-year deal, according to which the streaming service grants exclusive rights to “Sony” films, after expire in cinemas and video-on-demand (VOD) networks, such as "Uncharted" and "Morbius", and the "Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse" sequel.

Both will already be working together for years to come, and why not extend this partnership to gaming?

Netflix co-CEO Reed Hastings said in a question-and-answer session this week that “the Netflix Games Initiative will not be separate from streaming services, we are a single product company, and when games arrive, they will be part of your membership.”

While mobile games are at the fore, the company clarified that every device that supports the service can deliver and play games, including game consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

With the new initiative, "Netflix" will enter a somewhat saturated market, where Microsoft's "Game Pass" is a gaming service on a much larger scale, and in addition to this, there is "Apple Arcade", "Google Play Pass", EA Play", and others.

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