A malware in Android that pretends to be Minecraft


Google Play hosts several malicious applications posing as an additional application to the Minecraft game, experts from computer security company Kaspersky Lab reported. Specifically, these are two complementary applications for Minecraft that occasionally show full-screen ads, even when these apps are not being used.

In addition, the specialists found other applications that turn the device into an advertising display instrument. They can download a special module, which is able to hide the program icon, display videos on YouTube, and open the application pages on Google Play.

Several programs found by the specialists pretended to be an advertising network and a client to place ads on TikTok. The apps demanded to enter Facebook credentials and then stole the account.

One of the malicious programs disguised itself as a utility to restore deleted files. According to Kaspersky Lab experts, the program has already been removed from the Android application store.

Igor Golovín, a cybersecurity expert at Kaspersky Lab said, Even after malicious applications are removed from Google Play, their creators can continue to upload new, slightly modified versions under different names and from new accounts to the store.

Experts noted that malware authors continue to experiment with different monetization options and can substitute versions of malicious applications when some profit schemes appear more profitable than others.

Experts have advised users to download programs only from trusted sources and not to enter their account passwords in rogue applications.

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