A modern electric car for $ 5,000. Pre-sales start on August 24

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China has released pictures and details of the first model of the new iCar brand, which was created by Chery in June. This electric car is the re-launch of the popular Chery QQ model. The source writes that pre-sales will start on 24 August.

The new electric car will appear on the home market by the end of 2021 at a price of about $ 5,000. The direct competitor will be the very popular Wuling HongGuang MINI EV, which starts at $ 4,500 and is in high demand.

The car does not have a radiator grille, which is typical for electric vehicles. The charging port is at the front, and the hatch is adorned with the Chery logo. The headlights and taillights have the same U-shape. There is a reverse signal on the right side of the rear bumper. The length, width, and height are 2980, 1496, and 1637 mm, and the wheelbase is 1960 mm.

The new vehicle will be powered by Anhui Ruilu Technology Co's TZ160XFDM13A engine with 27 hp. (20 kW), as well as a lithium iron phosphate battery of unknown capacity.

Also, users will have access to several ways of personalization: you can order a black roof, paint the roof and tailgate in a different color, choose headlights, rims, and so on.

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