A new feature from Cameo allows video chatting with celebrities

The popular American video-sharing application Cameo announced the launch of the new Cameo Calls feature, which allows fans and followers to video chat for up to 15 minutes with their favorite celebrities and influencers. The famous Chicago-based application site determined the duration and prices of calls, while the average price of video calls is about $ 31.

To book your call with your favorite celebrity, you can simply enter the Cameo website or the app to see the schedule of available calls that can be purchased, and after purchasing you will receive a code that you enter on the app, and then you can make your call.

The new feature comes after the application-based company gradually canceled a similar feature that had been available since 2020 at the height of the repercussions of Corona, through calls from the famous Zoom program, last April.

Instead, the all-new feature is offered from within the app without relying on a third party to communicate between the app and famous users and their followers. The experience seems to a large extent logical in light of the repercussions of Corona, and the possibility that meeting celebrities in many places may not be a safe option.

For its part, the application management saw that its product does not depend only on the requirements of the current crisis with regard to the epidemiological situation, but in an effective way in all difficult and normal times.

The application can provide suffering to fans, even in normal circumstances, who want to greet their favorite characters, and what this requires sometimes standing in a long queue just to get their attention, especially if you are a talent and want to introduce yourself.

Stephen Galanis, co-founder, and CEO of Cameo said, we expect Cameo calls to replace meet-and-greets at music festivals, world tours, fan conferences, sporting events, and more.

Cameo reported that it tested this product through more than 3000 video calls, including hosting talents, concerts, fortune-telling, and other chats. This feature was tested by the artists James and Oliver Phelps, twin actors from Britain, known for playing the role of twins, Fred and George Weasley in Harry Potter, the famous film series.

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