A new feature from Google Maps guides drivers towards this type of road


Google developed the application to guide drivers towards a road and believed to generate the least carbon emissions based on traffic and slopes. It indicated that this feature will be launched later this year in the United States, and will eventually reach other countries, as part of its commitment to help combat climate change through its services.

Google pointed out that it derives its relative estimates on carbon emissions by conducting tests on different types of cars and types of roads, as well as by relying on the insights of the US government's National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The announcement comes from Google on Tuesday, also included additional changes focused on the climate, as it will start from next June to alert drivers who are about to travel about areas that have low emissions.

Also, during the coming months, users of the Google Maps application will be able to compare car, cycling, public transportation and other travel options in one place, instead of switching between the different sections.

And last year, a study of 20 people at California State University in Long Beach revealed that its participants were more likely to think about carbon emissions when choosing which paths to take after a smart app showed them estimates of carbon emissions.


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