A new generation of GAC Trumpchi M8 declared

The latest batch of new car declaration catalogues of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology was announced. In the application catalogue, the new-generation M8, the star MPV model of GAC Trumpchi, was officially unveiled. The internal code of the car is "A88", the body size is larger than that of the previous generation, and two kinds of front faces are provided. The starting price of the new car is expected to be comparable to the current model (starting at 179,800 yuan), or around 180,000 yuan, and the starting price of the hybrid version may be around 200,000 yuan.

The new-generation M8 has a body length, width, and height of 5193/5212×1893×1823 mm and a wheelbase of 3070 mm. Compared with the model on sale, the new-generation M8 has a 70mm longer wheelbase, which may make the car more interior space and a better user experience.

On the front of the vehicle, the new-generation M8 has two design styles: Zhentianyi and Lingyunyi. The vertical chrome-plated version looks oppressive, a bit like Thanos. At the same time, this version is equipped with an L-shaped headlight group, which has a strong sense of unity. The car is relatively slender, with square taillights of the vehicle, which is more similar to the Toyota Alphard.

The car adopts through-type taillights, and the vertical chrome-plated taillights are also L-shaped, echoing the headlights of the vehicle. In addition, the hybrid version also has the Hybrid logo on the right taillight.

In terms of power, the car shares the powertrain with the new generation GS8 and provides two types of fuel and hybrid versions. The fuel version is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 185 kilowatts. The hybrid version is equipped with the THS hybrid system jointly developed by GAC and Toyota. The system is composed of a 2.0T engine and an electric motor with a combined maximum power of 140kW.

Trumpchi M8 topped the MPV sales list for the first time in April this year, and the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 180,000 units in the four years since its launch.

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