A new stage of testing the virtual "Troika" on smartphones

The Moscow Department of Transport announced the launch of the second stage of testing the Troika virtual card in the Moscow metro. Virtual "Troika" allows you to pay for travel with a transport card loaded into your smartphone's "wallet".

In August, Deptrans launched the first stage of testing among passengers: the first group of 1000 people recruited in just 5 hours.

According to the head of the department, Maxim Liksutov, these Muscovites have already successfully passed the virtual Troika in public transport more than 20 thousand times.

During the first stage, there were responses and suggestions. The service developers even took them into account, for example, they changed the service section in the mobile application and made the virtual card work faster. And now a new stage of testing is being launched together with VTB, Google, Mastercard, and Samsung. At the second stage, another 4000 participants can connect to the service. You can register on this page. Test participants will be able to release the virtual Troika in a special version of the Moscow Metro application.

As an incentive, discounts from 10% to 50% are introduced for 5 thousand "long" subscriptions for testers of the virtual Troika. For example, "One" for unlimited trips for 30 days on the virtual "Troika" will cost only 1122 rubles, together 2245. Participants of the test group can also buy season tickets for 90 and 365 days under the promotion.

At this stage, the service works only on Android smartphones with Google Pay and Samsung Pay payment systems, as well as with the NFC module. To pay for the trip, you need to bring your phone to a validator or a turnstile that accepts credit card payments. At the same time, phones with a Samsung Pay wallet do not need to be woken up or unlocked, and on smartphones with Google Pay, it is enough to turn on the screen.

The operating speed of the virtual "Troika" is the same as when paying for travel with a bank card - from 0.8 to 1.5 seconds. It is planned to speed up the technology in the future.

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