A new update to Barotraum has been released

Barotrauma is a horror survival that you can find on Steam in 2019 in the preliminary approach. In it, you control your submarine through the dark frozen ocean on Europe (the moon of the planet Jupiter), where many monsters are waiting for you, hungry for your blood.

Since its initial release, the title has been enriched with several updates, most recently arriving the first major this year.

This is called Embrace the Abyss (you can find an example of it in the preview), when it adds several important news to the game.

Among them we can find, for example, two old-new monsters (Endworm and Charybdis) or abandoned bases, with which other missions are connected.

In addition, there were a number of adjustments to the campaign (more intuitive map; access to the new biome is limited by money or reputation, etc.), while the entry into the game was a little more pleasant for new players, which is mainly due to the added in-game help system or clear indication of the difficulty of the missions.

The game can be purchased for 24.99 euros (650 CZK).

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