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A possible manufacturer of electric vehicles Xiaomi has been named

Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, recently visited the headquarters of the car manufacturer FAW Group in China's Jilin province. The CEO's visit was linked to negotiations on a possible partnership agreement for the production of electric vehicles.

During his visit, a top executive at Chinese tech giant Xiaomi met with senior provincial government officials, including Jing Junhai, secretary of the Jilin Provincial Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. The reason for this visit, Lei Jun said, was to strengthen cooperation with Jilin's automobile enterprises and the foundations of automobile production.

Secretary Jing stated that “ Xiaomi has strong R&D and manufacturing facilities in consumer electronics and smart manufacturing. Jilin has a good manufacturing base, strong research and development, and an ample talent pool. Therefore, cooperation between the two parties in the automotive industry has broad prospects. I hope that Xiaomi can strengthen its cooperation with FAW as well as with the Jilin Automotive Industry Network . "

Lei Jun had previously visited the Great Wall Motor Research and Development Center in China. It is also reported that Xiaomi is creating a supply chain and communicating with various companies prior to starting production of its own vehicle. It is reported that Xiaomi Auto aims to release a new car model every year and over the next three years after launching the first model in 2024, it wants to sell 900,000 cars.

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