A report confirms Apple's plans to reduce Intel's share in computers this year


A report published by Digitimes recently confirmed that Apple plans to halve the supply orders from Intel this year, which will lead to a decline in Intel's share of the PC market in 2022. Apple has begun to expand its hardware support with its own versions of processor chips that have already performed well in computers so far.

Intel had lost 10% of Apple's requests after the latter's tendency to develop its versions of processor chips based on the AMD process, but Apple's tendency to expand the use of the company's chips in the next generation of computers will eventually lead to a decline in Intel's share to less from 80% in 2023.

Apple has started to support the company's hardware with its first M1 processor over the past year, but the company is still providing devices with Intel processors so far, as "Craig Federighi", the vice president of software at Apple, indicated that completely converting Apple devices to the company's processors will take two years Almost.

It is noteworthy that Intel has confirmed during the recent Computex 2021 events on its upcoming plans to support Windows devices with better performance in games that exceed the performance of Mac devices characterized by Apple's own processors.


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