A report reveals the nature of Google and Facebook dealing with fraudulent ads on the Internet

The consumer protection group, which revealed, after conducting a survey of 2000 adults from the United Kingdom, that Google and Facebook did not play their role in removing fraudulent ads online even after fraud victims reported them, as it found 34% of victims who They reported an ad that led to a Google scam, they said the ad wasn't deleted by the search engine.

26% of victims who reported a Facebook ad that resulted in deception said that the ad had not been removed by the social network.

The consumer group said that companies spend millions on detection technology but fall short when it comes to removing evasive ads before they deceive victims, and even if fake and fraudulent ads are successfully removed, they often appear again under different names.

Adam French, a consumer rights expert said, our recent research revealed significant flaws in the interactive approach taken by tech giants including Google and Facebook in response to reporting fraudulent content, leaving victims worryingly vulnerable to scams. Online platforms should bear a legal responsibility to identify, remove and prevent fake and fraudulent content on their sites. Fraudulent activity is not permitted on the platform, and we have taken action on a number of pages that the group has reported to us. Our team of 35,000 safety and security experts is working alongside advanced artificial intelligence to proactively identify and remove this content, and we urge people to notify us of any suspicious activity.

The Consumer Protection Group acknowledged that the visible Report this Ad button appears on all the content promoted on Facebook, which makes reporting easy, but says that the reporting form from Google is difficult to find and takes a long time.

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