A revolutionary technology that charges an electric vehicle while on the road

International press reports revealed that researchers and scientists have begun testing a revolutionary new technology that can charge electric cars while on the road without the need to stop them.

The report, published on the Engadget website, indicated that researchers are currently testing a type of magnetized concrete and cement that can be incorporated into the road paving mixture to charge electric cars and buses on the road without the need to stop.

And the Department of Transportation in the US state of Indiana has already begun testing this new type of cement with magnetized particles, in an attempt to integrate it into various building systems and reduce its high costs, so that it will later be an ideal choice for the safe and clean use of energy.

The project, funded by the National Science Foundation of Purdue University and the German company Magment, will pass through 3 stages, the first of which is to test the magnetized cement in the laboratory, then to test it on a road about a quarter of a mile, and then to test it on a highway.

The researchers in this project confirm that this magnetized cement is also characterized by its great strength and resistance to all acts of sabotage, as it is able to quickly charge heavy electric trucks with a capacity of up to 200 kilowatts and above.

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