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A robot charges cars with fuel at a station in China

The robots have reached the work areas of filling stations to replace the human element in a gas station in the Guangji Zhuang Autonomous Region in China, and this robot works by first receiving a request from the customer through an application, before he opens a tank Fuel the car, unscrew the cap, and direct the fuel nozzle toward the open tank.

The Euro News network showed footage of how the robot works at the gas station, as a robotic arm equipped with sensors extends from a regular petrol pump to fill car tanks, and the robot first receives a request from the customer through an application, before he opens the car's fuel tank, removes the cap and directs the fuel nozzle towards the open tank.

After refueling the car, the robot tightens the hood, closes the door, and returns to its initial position, and the whole process takes 180 seconds, similar to the amount of time it takes a human worker to do the same job.

This robot was developed by one of the largest oil and gas production companies in China. The robot consists of four parts: a robotic arm, a cognitive system, a fuel nozzle, and other refueling accessories, and a control system.

The robot also uses obstacle avoidance techniques so that it can avoid collisions with pedestrians and vehicles during its service, and the robot will be used in more than 30,000 gas stations across the country during the coming period.

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