A Russian astronaut reveals work continues to fix problems on the space station


The Russian astronaut, Sergey Rijikov, who returned from the International Space Station recently revealed that the astronauts on board the station is continuing to repair small cracks in the Zvezda unit.

Rijikov said, the rates of air shortage on board the space station have decreased, but the causes of the air leak have not been fully addressed yet, so the astronauts who are there will continue to treat the small cracks responsible for this. The pioneers present at the station received equipment that helps them to discover possible places of leakage and determine their exact locations. In the past, the pioneers had to use what they had available to discover the sites of leakage, as they used strings and foam balls to infer the air movement inside the rooms of the station after its closure.

Last March, the two Russian astronauts, Sergey Ryzhikov and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov, conducted maintenance and restoration work for the structure of the "Zvezda" unit at the International Space Station, and during the work, they discovered a crack in the structure and some places that could cause air leakage there.

And recently, Rajikov stated that the air leakage rate in the aforementioned unit decreased to a third after repairing the small cracks discovered in the unit’s body.

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