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A seven-seater SUV as an ideal family car: the Škoda Kodiaq and the ten cheapest rivals

Škoda Kodiaq
Škoda Kodiaq

Škoda recently launched the rejuvenated Kodiaq on the Czech market, which is the only one of its offers to offer space for up to seven passengers. However, several competitors are waiting for the Czech SUV, which will also be able to transport a seven-member crew. We have therefore compiled a list of the cheapest seven-seater SUVs that compete with the new Kodiaq.

Kia Sorento - from CZK 1,124,980

Last year's hot news among medium-sized SUVs was the Kia Sorento. In the new generation, it received a redesigned technical basis, a more pronounced exterior design, and also, in addition to diesel, also a hybrid and even plug-in hybrid drive. All can be combined with five or seven seats in the interior, while the third row of seats means the need for a surcharge of 25 thousand crowns. On the other hand, passengers sitting in it will also have their own air conditioning vents or charging USB ports.

The 4810 mm long SUV with a wheelbase of 2815 mm but also with seven passengers will lose some practicality. If in the five-seater configuration the suitcase has at least 616 liters, in the seven-seater only 187 liters. However, when all the seats are folded down, the car can hold over two thousand liters of cargo.

The cheapest way to the seven-seater Sorent is, of course, the 2.2 kW diesel unit with an output of 148 kW in combination with front-wheel drive and an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic. In the basic Comfort equipment, such a car, even with a surcharge for the last row of seats, will cost 1,124,980 crowns. Who would be interested in an ATV will pay another 50 thousand crowns. In terms of the features on offer, the Kia does not lack dual-zone automatic climate control, digital alarm clocks, touch screen radio, assistance systems including adaptive cruise control, front or rear parking sensors, complete LED lighting, or alloy wheels.

Land Rover Discovery Sport - from CZK 1,085,636

One of the two representatives of the premium segment among the cheapest seven-seater SUVs, the Land Rover Discovery Sport, costs 1,085,636 crowns with seven seats (the carmaker itself calls it a 5 + 2 combination). The price already includes a surcharge for a pair of rear seats, which amounts to 36,808 crowns. By the way, the British model can have seven seats in all engine versions with one exception. This is a plug-in hybrid.

The length of the Land Rover is 4597 mm, but the wheelbase is 2741 mm. Behind the three rows of seats, there is a minimum of 115 liters of luggage space. However, as soon as the third row is lowered, the volume increases to 840 liters, and is only a two-seater arrangement, the SUV offers 1,451 liters.

Under the hood of the basic version of the D165 are a two-liter diesel engine with an output of 120 kW, front-wheel drive, and a manual transmission. The machine together with the quad bike for this unit costs an additional 142,901 crowns. The basic equipment, named simply Discovery Sport, then offers dual-zone automatic air conditioning, radio with touch screen, emergency braking and lane maintenance, front and rear parking sensors, LED headlights, or alloy wheels.

Honda CR-V - from 964 900 CZK

If you are interested in a seven-seater Honda CR-V, you should probably reconsider your purchase quickly. At the beginning of this year, the Japanese carmaker unveiled a modernized version of its SUV, which relies only on hybrid drive. And it is not possible to combine the third row of seats with it. However, the Czech importer still offers a car on its website before the modernization, ie the 2020 model year, which can be purchased with seven seats.

But the offer is actually very simple. Three rows of seats are offered by only one Lifestyle equipment for an additional fee of CZK 45,000 and a single-engine - a 1.5 kW 1.5 VTEC Turbo petrol engine with a six-speed manual transmission or a 142 kW with a CVT automatic transmission. The advantage is that the engine always drives both axles, as standard only two other models can do this in this overview.

On the other hand, with a length of 4600 mm and a wheelbase of 2662 mm, the CR-V is also the smallest car in this gallery. Nevertheless, when fully occupied by seven passengers, it has 150 liters of luggage space available - almost the same as the larger Sorento. With a five-seater arrangement, however, it is significantly less with 472 liters, in a two-seater configuration the CR-V can carry 1509 liters of cargo.

According to the price list, the cheapest seven-seater CR-V costs 964,900 crowns (the machine costs another 55,000 crowns), including the already mentioned surcharge for the last two seats. But the car lacks virtually nothing - it has dual-zone automatic air conditioning, navigation and radio with touch screen, a complete range of assistants including adaptive cruise control and blind-spot monitoring, parking sensors front and rear, leather upholstery, complete LED lighting, or alloy wheels.

SsangYong Rexton - from 916 800 CZK

Probably the most exotic choice among medium-sized seven-seater SUVs is the SsangYong Rexton, which received a new radiator grille or an improved interior during a recent upgrade. Its offer is also quite simple for seven seats. There is only one engine to choose from, a 2.2 e-XDI turbodiesel with an output of 149 kW, cooperating with an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive.

The third row of seats with their own air conditioning vents costs a relatively accommodating 16,900 crowns. The 4850 mm long SUV with the wheelbase stretched to 2865 mm then has a suitcase with a capacity of 240 liters available when fully occupied. With five seats, it can hold 872 liters, and when the front and second rows are folded down, up to 1806 liters.

The Clever equipment costs a seven-seater Rexton at least 916,800 crowns, but it also has two-zone automatic air conditioning, radio with touch screen, lane departure warning, leather upholstery, front or rear parking sensors, complete LED lighting, or alloy wheels.

Mercedes-Benz GLB - from 914 911 CZK

Another representative of the premium segment was among the cheapest seven-seater SUVs. Mercedes-Benz GLB with a length of 4634 mm, of which 2829 mm cuts the wheelbase. The third row of seats costs 23,141 crowns and can be purchased in addition to all available motorizations, theoretically even the strongest version of the AMG GLB 35 with an output of 225 kW.

The German manufacturer does not state the volume of the trunk when fully occupied by seven seats, but in a five-seater arrangement, the car will carry 570 and after folding the second row 1805 liters. Those interested in ecological transport may be interested in the fact that the electric model EQB, which is directly derived from the GLB, will also offer to seat for seven passengers.

The cheapest way to model the GLB model with three rows of seats is the petrol supercharged four-cylinder with the designation 180, which provides 100 kW and the front wheels are turned by a two-clutch seven-speed automatic transmission. This combination will cost 914,911 crowns, including a surcharge for two places in the third row. The cheapest turbodiesel is 49,610 crowns more expensive.

The GLB is equipped with automatic air conditioning, navigation and touchscreen radio, lane guidance, emergency braking, driver's knee bag, front and rear parking sensors, LED headlights, and alloy wheels.

Hyundai Santa Fe - from 879 990 CZK

Like the Kia Sorento, the technically related and recently rejuvenated Hyundai Santa Fe is available with diesel, hybrid and plug-in hybrid drive. And all three types can have seven seats, only you always need to pay extra 30 thousand crowns for the rear pair of seats with their own air conditioning vents.

The car measures 4785 mm in length, of which 2765 mm is cut by the wheelbase. When fully occupied, the luggage compartment is not one of the largest with 130 liters, but with five seats it can hold at least a solid 571 liters, and if you fold down these seats, space will have a volume of 1,649 liters.

Not surprisingly, the most affordable seven-seater version is the one with a 2.2-liter diesel unit and 148 kW. An eight-speed two-clutch machine is a must, but instead of front-wheel drive, 50,000 can be paid extra for an ATV. And how much does the cheapest seven-seater Santa Fe actually cost? Action 879,990 crowns in Comfort equipment, which includes dual-zone automatic air conditioning, radio with touch screen, emergency braking and lane maintenance, rear parking sensors, LED headlights, or alloy wheels.

Škoda Kodiaq - from CZK 829,900

The rejuvenated Kodiaq is almost in the middle among the cheapest seven-seater SUVs. Škoda is demanding CZK 829,900 for it, which already includes an additional CZK 30,000 not only for the seats themselves, but also for the window blinds and, for example, the rubbish bin for the last pair of passengers. By the way, any of the offered variants can have seven seats, for example, a sports RS with a 180kW two-liter four-cylinder TSI or one of the engines in combination with an ATV.

However, the cheapest seven-seater Kodiaq has a 15-liter TSI under the hood of 110kW in combination with a front-wheel drive and a six-speed manual transmission. The DSG machine costs an additional CZK 50,000, and those interested in a 2.0 TDI turbodiesel with an output of 110 kW must prepare at least CZK 929,900 for the seven-seater version.

With a length of 4697 mm and a wheelbase stretched to 2791 mm, the Kodiaq can hold 270 liters with seven seats. With five seats it is already 765 and with two seats even 2005 liters. Ambition equipment includes, among other things, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, digital alarm clocks, radio with touch screen, emergency braking, driver's knee airbag, front and rear parking sensors, LED lights at both ends of the car, or alloy wheels.

Seat Tarraco - from CZK 817,400

Due to the fact that the Tiguan Allspace has been modernized, so far without prices, and the Czech representation of the brand no longer has a price list of the model before the facelift on its website (currently only three warehouse cars with seven seats should be available ), it is the only concern sibling Kodiaqu Seat Tarraco. Although the importer also warns him that currently only stocks are available and the car will be ordered for production from June, in any case, he still has the price list of the Spanish SUV.

And seven seats for 20,500 crowns can be had in all engine and equipment versions except the plug-in hybrid. The length of the SUV is 4735 mm, of which 2790 mm cuts the wheelbase. The case with three rows of seats holds 230 liters, with two than 700 liters.

The cheapest way to the seven-seater Tarrac is 110kW petrol 1.5 TSI with front-wheel drive and manual transmission for 817,400 crowns. Who would like a DSG machine, it is for another 50 thousand crowns and the cheapest turbodiesel means 80 thousand crowns on top. The basic Style equipment then includes three-zone automatic air conditioning, radio with touch screen, digital alarm clocks, emergency braking, and lane-keeping, a knee airbag for the driver, LED front and rear lights, or alloy wheels.

Mitsubishi Outlander - from 778 450 CZK

The Mitsubishi Outlander is slowly coming to an end in its third generation, and the new fourth edition may not even be in Europe, given the limited activities of the Japanese brand on the old continent. The Czech importer currently offers the Outlander with a single-engine, a two-liter atmospheric petrol two-liter engine, and in a seven-seater version, strictly with a CVT and all-wheel drive.

Mitsubishi is 4695 mm long, while the wheelbase cuts 2670 mm. As with the Honda CR-V, this is one of the smaller cars in this overview. The trunk behind the three rows of seats has 128 liters, with five it exceeds 600 liters and with two it attacks 1,600 liters of space.

The third row of seats is available from the second Intense + equipment but is included in the price of the car. This means that the promotional amount of CZK 778,450 is final and does not include any additional surcharges. By the way, in addition to seven seats, the Outlander has standard automatic dual-zone air conditioning, touch screen radio, driver's knee airbag, blind-spot monitoring, traffic monitoring behind the vehicle when reversing, LED lights at both ends of the car or alloy wheels.

Nissan X-Trail - from 704 900 CZK

The Nissan X-Trail, like the Outlander, also counts the last remnants of its life cycle in the current generation. The difference is that Nissan will be sure to bring the new generation of its medium-sized SUV to Europe. However, the current one is one of the most advantageous seven-seater SUVs on the Czech market. Seven seats cost an additional 22 thousand crowns.

The trunk behind the maximum number of seats can hold 135 liters, but with five seats it can already exceed 500 liters, and with two it even attacks two thousand liters. All this with a length of 4690 mm and a wheelbase of 2705 mm, which makes it one of the smaller cars in this gallery.

The offer is then very simple. The only engine is a supercharged gasoline four-cylinder 1.3 DIG-T with an output of 116 kW, always in combination with front-wheel drive and a seven-speed two-clutch automatic. Even with a surcharge for the third row of seats, the X-Trail is based on seven 704,900 crowns with seven seats. Visia equipment then includes manual air conditioning, radio, cruise control, or 17-inch steel wheels. This is a bit of a low-cost tax - if you want a touch screen or a plethora of assistants, you have to head for the equipment higher to the N-Connect level, which, however, will come to the special 829,900 crowns with seven seats.

Peugeot 5008 - from 614 000 CZK

The cheapest 500-seater SUV on the Czech market is the Peugeot 5008. It costs 614,000 crowns from the special offer, and since it has three rows of seats included in the price of each available variant, nothing needs to be added to this amount. Of course, a disadvantage compared to competitors may be the fact that the cheapest version has a supercharged 1.2 PureTech three-cylinder petrol engine with an output of 96 kW under the hood - which is a bit less than with the Mercedes. The front wheels are then driven by a six-speed manual transmission (the machine is offered for this engine from the second-lowest equipment for an additional 50 thousand crowns). By the way, the cheapest turbodiesel, also with 96 kW, will come to the special 654 thousand crowns.

The French model has a length of 4641 mm, but between the axles above average 2840 mm. The carmaker does not state how much space is behind the third row of seats, but there is still some space left. After five seats, it is already 702 liters, or up to 780 liters when you remove the rear pair of seats from the car. With two seats, there are 1862 and 1940 liters of space, respectively.

Basic Active equipment includes dual-zone automatic climate control, touch screen radio, digital alarm clocks, emergency braking, and lane departure warning, rear parking sensors, LED lights at the front and rear or alloy wheels.

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