A study reveals what passive smoking does to children

A recent scientific study revealed what secondhand smoke and exposure to tobacco smoke do to children's health.

Times News Now website published the details of the recent study, which described that children's exposure to tobacco smoke or secondhand smoke puts their health at great risk.

The researchers from the University of Cincinnati of America that children exposed to tobacco smoke are more likely to need emergency and urgent care services than others who are not exposed to these effects.

The study concluded that a greater number of children exposed to tobacco smoke required urgent care throughout the year, unlike those who were not exposed to any form of secondhand smoke.

The researchers revealed that children exposed to tobacco smoke have twice the risk of admission to hospital compared to others, indicating that 4 out of 10 children are exposed to this risk at the present time.

Because of tobacco and secondhand smoke, children are exposed to more complex respiratory problems, and are more likely to develop asthma, bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

Lead study author Ashley Merianus said the study also provides insight into prevention measures such as standardizing and initiating tobacco smoke exposure reduction interventions in urgent care, emergency and inpatient settings, and strengthening smoke-free home and voluntary vehicle policies, to help reduce children's exposure. To tobacco smoke and related consequences.

The study noted that the same risk to children applies to smoking electronic cigarettes.

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