A US House of Representatives committee is investigating SpaceX's commercial space launch activities


The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee said it is investigating the launch of SpaceX's commercial space that organizers have determined violated US safety requirements and its testing license.

According to India's TOI website, the Federal Aviation Administration said in February that SpaceX's December launch of Starship SN8 continued without the company demonstrating that the general risks from excessive field blast pressure were within regulatory standards, and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says the overpressure of the explosion was In the far field it may be dangerous to the public if the launch vehicle explodes upon impact, which could lead to a shock wave damaging windows in areas relatively far from the site of impact.

House Transportation Committee Chairman Peter DeVazio and Representative Rick Larsen, who oversees the Aviation Subcommittee, said in a speech last Thursday to the Federal Aviation Administration that given the high-stakes nature of the industry, we are disappointed that the Federal Aviation Administration has refused to conduct an independent review of the event. To our knowledge, no form of enforcement action has been taken.

In February, the Federal Aviation Administration said it had asked SpaceX to investigate the accident, including a thorough review of safety culture making operational decisions and process discipline and the Federal Aviation Administration had ordered the suspension of some tests at the Texas launch site until the investigation was complete and agreed to Corrective actions of the company.

The Federal Aviation Administration said SpaceX's corrective measures had been incorporated into the February launch and that it expected "no further enforcement action to be taken on the SN8 issue, while SpaceX did not respond to a request for comment, as the message was reported earlier by Politico. The Federal Aviation Administration also declined to comment on the letter.

The lawmakers letter said commission staff had been studying for two months SpaceX launch activities that, taken together, raise serious questions, and urged the Federal Aviation Administration to resist any undue influence on launch safety decisions.

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