A video game that may help treat cognitive problems for Covid-19 recoverers


The new Covid-19 pandemic came in the context of tremendous scientific progress, as the world is harnessing all its technological capabilities to confront the pandemic.A research team is testing a video game to see if it can help people with memory and attention problems after recovering from Covid-19.

Many people who have survived the disease say they are often confused and have difficulty concentrating, and research studies show that symptoms can last for months after they recover. Faith Janning, a neuropsychologist at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, thinks the video game EndeavorRX may be able to treat some of these symptoms.

The game, made by Akili Interactive, made history last summer when it became the first video game to receive FDA approval to be prescribed medical treatment. It has also been adopted as a treatment for children between the ages of 8 and 12 who have ADHD.

But Janning thinks it can help other groups of people and she said, I was really interested in the game Then, I started seeing signs that people who had contracted Covid-19 might be experiencing some of the same symptoms that the game could treat. I started a quiz designed to see if the game could help these patients. As it divided people who have recovered from Corona and have cognitive problems into two groups, one group of them will play the game, and the study will verify whether there is more improvement than the other group of survivors who suffer from similar symptoms but do not play the game.

The types of cognitive problems people experience after recovering from Covid-19

Researcher Janning said, we have conducted a study on patients after infection with Corona. It should be noted that these are individuals who have needed hospitalization and underwent rehabilitation before they go out to the house. So these were individuals who were moderate to severely infected with the Coronavirus, so this is not representative of the general population. What we found is that a very high percentage of individuals have disturbances ranging from mild to severe in their cognitive functions. We found in these people symptoms that include things like attention deficit disorder and the ability to do more than one thing at one time. We found that a high percentage had memory problems, which is the ability to hold information in your head while doing something else. These are all important skills for everything we do.

In Janning's opinion, the game targets an important skill: the ability to do more than one thing at once. We have found improvement in people with ADHD and in the elderly, and there is some evidence that it helps people with multiple sclerosis.

The game is used with elderly people who suffer from some cognitive problems or who suffer from depression. And he found that these people show changes in their brains, as there appears to be an improvement in communication within the brain networks that support attention and executive skills.

According to Janning, the data indicate that a large number of people who have suffered from Covid-19 will face some cognitive problems. And these disorders are not limited to people who recover from disease only, as there are many conditions that affect the brain, and she believes that if they can improve brain function, regardless of the cause, then you can improve these people's daily lives.

Janning believes that the video game is also scalable, as the sheer number of people who have contracted Kurna and the lack of medical staff to treat all of the infected has led to the need for effective interventions that can be deployed on a large scale.

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