"Accounting Simulator" game on Steam

Developer Qu Bo recently launched an " Accounting Simulator " game on the Steam platform, which will be released on September 29, 2022, and has already started early access.

As the name suggests, Accounting Simulator is an educational game that uses games to systematically understand accounting knowledge. According to the official introduction, the current accounting teaching knowledge points are very trivial and have no integrity. Students memorize by rote, making it difficult to understand. And this game provides a company in an overhead world. By managing the company and systematically understanding accounting concepts, players can greatly improve learning efficiency and thus improve their enthusiasm for learning.

The simulator has two major modules, games and question banks. The first half of the game is for beginners. Players are guided by a virtual teacher and cannot freely choose a business. The main purpose is to get familiar with the business, including the dynamic connection between the business and the three major reports; Decision-making products, etc., and there will be some financial analysis.

About the game

The player is in an alternate wasteland world, and the year is 2070. Players get a company called Nuclear Manufacturing by chance and then manage the company with the help of a wizard. The wizard will introduce various businesses, and there will be a dashboard that can clearly display the dynamic relationship between accounting entries and various accounts. Players can complete the business with simple operations and then fill in the accounting vouchers. Through familiarity and understanding of the company's business, players can understand many accounting concepts.

Business simulation game:

Players have more control and can freely choose products and businesses. They can use the previous accounting dashboard while simulating operations and have a deeper understanding. At the same time, there will be some financial analysis content, which is also very helpful for further learning CPA.

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