Activision may be working on a new game from the world of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

CKY rock band drummer Jess Marger may have revealed something he didn't quite have. In a recent interview with the podcast Behind Closed Door, he noted that he was collaborating on a new project with the Activision publishing house. Then he briefly realized that they were also working on a new game from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater University.

Margera said, when your main source of income is mainly touring, you try to get different licensing agreements, for example in video games and similar media. And I feel like we're going to make a new THPS game, too.

That would not be surprising, after all. The remake of the iconic first two parts of the series gained a large crowd of new fans thanks to its modern jacket and also pleased the veterans of the series. So it would not be strange at all if there were to be remakes of other parts or a completely new sequel. We will see what Activision reveals at upcoming exhibitions.

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