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Adding a new feature to the Microsoft Edge web browser to protect children

Updated: Aug 11, 2022


The American software giant Microsoft has added a new feature to its Edge web browser to provide a safer environment for children. The new feature, Kids Mode, allows parents to set the Edge browser program on them when leaving the children’s computer, as only the appropriate Internet sites will be accessed for them.

The browser can be turned on Kids Mode through the profile icon located in the right part of the top of the browser window. Once the mode is activated, children will be shown colorful paintings with Disney and Pixar characters to become desktop pictures.

They can also navigate around 70 websites that offer relevant content for them. Parents can also amend the list by adding or removing whatever sites they want., which specializes in technology issues, indicated that Microsoft offers two categories of "Kids Mode" status, the first for children between five and eight and the second for children between 9 and 12 years old.

The two are the same, but the older category contains a specialist news service from MSN4Kids, which deals with animal and science news.

The addition of the new mode to the Edge browser comes as an example of the growing interest of technology companies in ensuring a better environment for children who use the Internet and protecting them from bullies, fraudsters, misinformation, spyware, and hacking.

At the same time, the new feature did not provide a solution to another problem for parents, which is that children spend too long browsing the Internet, but it solves a basic problem, which is controlling what children see on the Internet.

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